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Mimi Fox

    Bruised Around the Heart

    Since I have been self centered enough to put a few of my own originals on this CD, it gives me a great opportunity to talk about my collaboration with a very fine composer, and even finer guitarist, Mimi Fox.

    (Not to minimize in any way the songwriting contributions made by Danny Caron and Wayne De La Cruz, with whom I've played and written lots of songs over the years. But this site is about the women writers, so they'll have to wait for the next website to be kvelled over.)

    Mimi Fox is an internationally renowned guitarist/composer/recording artist, has been named a winner in 6 consecutive Downbeat Magazine international critic's polls and is one of the most acclaimed jazz guitarists on today's scene.

    She also is incredibly creative and fun to sing with. When I'm on a stage with Mimi, she gets a little gleam in her eye mid-song and we're off and running, carving out alternative melodies and music ideas, while I gamely try to hang on.

    I had been tinkering with the words and a melodic concept of "Bruised Around the Heart" for a few years, but never felt like it 'clicked'.. When we were getting ready to record "Wild Women of Song", I called Mimi and said "How about seeing if we can write a song together?" She jumped at the idea, said "Whatcha got?" I was heading over there for a rehearsal, so I emailed her the lyrics I had been working on, and mentioned I had been thinking something samba-ish. By the time I got to her house, Mimi had written a new melody and chords for much of the lyrics. We did tinker with it, but it has stayed much the same as that first day.

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Suggested Listening

    Mimi Fox: "Perpetually Hip" - 2006

    Mimi Fox and Greta Mataasa: "Two for the Road" - 2003

    More importantly, look for Mimi Fox at a Jazz Club near you. Be prepared to feel your jaw drop.


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