Pamela Rose : Wild Women of Song
Pamela Rose : Wild Women of SongPamela Rose : Wild Women of Song
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Wild Women of Song the Show

Pamela Rose presents Wild Women of Song is designed to meet a variety of presenter's needs:

  • Concert/multimedia show - Using a stage, projector and screen, Pamela Rose leads her 5 piece band while dramatic images are projected from our laptop. Some modifications in size of band in accordance with venue size and budget are negotiable. One 90 minute set or 2 - 45 min sets. (Backline needed: Piano, drum kit, bass amp, plus projector and screen)

  • Outdoor Concerts or venues without Projector/Screen - Pamela Rose and her world class band puts on a swinging, sultry concert featuring songs written by blues and jazz women songwriters. A romping, delightful concert still peppered with fascinating background detail about the Wild Women of Song.

    Watch a clip: Pamela Rose: Wild Women of Song (Bernice Petkere)

  • Educational Outreach/Community Centers - Using a screen and one or two musicians, Rose delivers an hour show/mini-history lesson followed by a Q & A from audience. Especially effective for High School, College and Senior audiences.

    "WOW, what an amazing show!!! The power of Pamela, that music and her band's talent is enough to recommend this show, but the wonderful message and history of women in music make this an extraordinary event. Our students LOVED it - we're huge fans of WILD WOMEN."
    Mike Fisher, School Director, Academy of Arts and Academics, Springfield OR

    Wild Women of Song - High School Program (Springfield OR 2012)

    (Backline required: piano, screen, bass amp, pa and projector).

Pamela Rose presents Wild Women of Song may be adapted for special lecture and concert series. Recent performances include:
  • Women in Blues - a focus on the Classic Women Songwriters (Bessie Smith, Ma Rainey, Ida Cox) followed by a mini-workshop teaching blues singing. (piano, bass amp, pa...screen and projector negotiable.) (SF JAZZ - Discover Jazz Series)

  • Jews, African-Americans and Women in Popular Song - So many of the great songwriters of the Golden Era of Song were African American and Jewish. We explore their histories and discuss the cultural similarities and differences of these groups of women songwriters. Short concert/program followed by panel discussion and Q & A. (Contemporary Jewish Museum, San Francisco, Manhattan JCC, SF Jazz)

    Watch a clip: Pamela Rose: Wild Women of Song (Mary Lou Williams/Dorothy Fields)

  • Women Songwriters during the Depression - We developed this program to coincide with University of Oregon and High School focus on the Depression. Short program/concert followed by Q & A.

  • Weeklong Performance Residency followed by Performance

  • Looking for something special? We'll hold auditions from your local pool of young talent and work with these young artists on vocal strength, movement, music theory and presentation; culminating in their taking part in our full Concert and Show. (Pamela and one musician work with talent during the week - the rest of the band to follow for performance).


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