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Ida Cox

    "Uncrowned Queen of the Blues"
    1886 - 1967

    Wild Women (Don't Have the Blues)

    With an independent spirit and impassioned determination, singer-songwriter Ida Cox did more than just sing the blues - she made us look at ourselves and our culture with new eyes. Ida was a strong-willed black woman struggling in a white man's world. Armed with her intelligence and sharp edged wit, she brought to light common issues though a black woman's point of view. Although not a 'belter' like so many of the Classic Blues singers, Ida Cox was able to convey so much pure feeling with her strong, sure style and phrasing.

    Born Ida Prather in Taccoa, Georgia, Ida was the daughter of poor sharecroppers, not much different than millions of other black children growing up in the south at the turn of the century. Without much to hope for in the way of jobs or education, a bleak future seemed fairly inescapable.

    Ida's love of music began at a very young age when she began singing gospel music at her church choir. It was obvious from the beginning when she opened up her mouth and sang - folks definitely took notice. She was simply born to sing the blues.

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Suggested Listening

    "Blues For Rampart Street: Ida Cox with the Coleman Hawkins Quintet" (with Roy Eldridge, Sammy Price, Milt Hinton, Jo Jones) Concord Jazz Label, 1961 Recorded late in her life, what she's lost in terms of range is more than made up by her spirit, and the way we finally get to hear her unhampered by pre 1940 recording techniques.

    "From Spirituals to Swing: 1938 & 1939 Carnegie Hall Concerts" re-mastered 1999 (only two of these tracks are from Ida Cox) this is a must have for jazz and blues fans everywhere.

    "Ida Cox: Complete Recorded Works, Vol. 4, 1927-1938" import (available again after a long absence from Amazon)

    You Tube Clip a great clip of Ida singing "Four Day Creep" with ex-husband and pianist Jessie Crump. I love how she sings from the belly of her voice, full, straight, right to the point.


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