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Maria Grever

    "Woman of the Americas"
    1894 - 1951

    What a Diff'rence a Day Made

    Although her name is rarely recognized these days in the United States, this busy songwriter composed over 800 songs in her lifetime, many of which are still well known in Mexico, Spain and much of Latin America. Mention 'Maria Grever' in these countries, and it's as if you've brought up the name 'Irving Berlin'.

    Popular legend has it that Maria Grever was born onboard the ship that carried her mother from her native Mexico to join her husband in Spain. It's probably only a romantic tale - but befitting for the woman who united European and homegrown American music in her work. Maria Grever spent her musical career moving between continental orchestration and light opera and the folk melodies she loved and learned at her mother's knee.

    She started composing songs at age six, and as a youth studied with Claude Debussy and Franz Lenhard in France. She was reportedly passionate about music, about opera, about singing, about love, about life. At age 18 she published her first song "A Una Ola" ("To a Wave") which sold a fantastic 3 million copies.

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Suggested Listening

    "Jurame"- Andrea Bocelli, Placido Domingo. Here's a youtube link with Placido Domingo playing piano and singing this lush song

    My friend Mariano De Leon alerted me to a 1954 film biography of Maria Grever: "Cuando Me Vaya (When I leave)" starring the well known Argentine singer/actress Libertad Lamarque. This film, alas is not yet available with english sub-titles.

    "Ti-pi-tin" - Andrews Sisters. But don't overlook Tony Randall singing this with the Muppets!

    "Canciones de Maria Grever", Libertad Lamarque (great version of "Ti-pi-tin")

    "What a Diff'rence a Day Made" - Dinah Washington, Barbara Morrison


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