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I Get the Blues When it Rains
Gender/Bender - or Why You Shouldn't Rely on the Internet

In the early months of research while recording "Wild Women of Song", I came across an online list of "Women Jazz Composers". The other cited many names I knew, but some I didn't, such as Marcy Klauber.

Michael Feinstein generously sent lead sheets of some of the unfamiliar titles to my producer, Leslie Ann Jones. When we played through Marcy Klauber's "I Get the Blues When it Rains", Leslie had the inspiration to give the song a closely harmonized vocal part (a la Hi-Lo's or Mel-Tones). Arranger Matt Catingub quickly seized upon the idea, and the result was a track that made all of us smile when we heard it. The tight, close harmonies, sung and doubletracked by Matt Catingub and vocalist Gayle Wilhelm, just soared.

It was one of my favorite tracks.

The day before we sent the finished, sequenced and mastered CD and artwork off to be manufactured, I received an email from pianist and music historian Peter Mintun. I had sent him an advance copy the week before. After some polite words about the songs and CD, he added: "Marcy Klauber's family will be no doubt surprised to find that he is a woman".

A bad day of furious fact checking confirmed this fact. But it wasn't easy - every article about him was entirely gender non-specific (and filled with many inaccuracies about this screen play and song writer). The song was yanked, the CD re-sequenced, mastered and the artwork changed.

I still love the arrangement and the vocals. If you'd like to buy this track, here's your big chance!

Harry Stoddard, Marcy Klauber, 1926

It was raining, dear, when I met you
You smiled, the sun shone through.
Then it rained again and I lost you
Just why, I never knew
Now ev'rytime the storm clouds gather way up in the sky
I see them all, and I recall those happy days gone by

I get the blues when it rains
The blues I can't lose when it rains
Each little drop that falls on my window pane
Always reminds me
Of the tears I've shed in vain

I sit and wait for the sun
To shine down on me once again
It rained when I found you
It rained when I lost you That's why I'm so blue when it rains


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